Welcome to Kythera!

Welcome to Kythera, the idyllic birthplace of Aphrodite.  A window in the middle of the Mediterranean. Walk in the paths of the heart and secret loves.

Κύθηρα, Κυθηρα, Kythera, Kythira, Kithira
Enjoy the beaches of Kythera with your friends. Swim in the Mediterranean. Thera are plenty of them, all so diferrent, so unique! Have a nice stay in Kythera!
Κύθηρα, Κυθηρα, Kythera, Kythira, Kithira
Kythera is at the cross-path of the civilizations of the Mediterranean - Dorians, Spartans and Athenians, Romans, Byzantines and Venetians...

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Latest News
  • Tours in the archaeological site at Antikythera (news)  |   From the 6th until the 21st of August 2016, on the island of Antikythera will be present the team who carries out the excavation at the archaeological site of “Kastro”. A whole fortified city of 150 acres dated from the 4th century until the 1st century BC is preserved there. The fortification walls can be seen in all their length and in many places they are 9m high. The island was part of the piracy activity network the Cretan cities had developed during the Hellenistic period. The city was destroyed during the Roman-Cretan war, covered by the Romans as a campaign “against piracy” in 69-67 BC. At the beginning of this war a ship, carrying the worldwide known “Antikythera Mechanism” and many important sculptures sank off the coast of the island. This shipwreck, found in 1900, is today’s world renowned “Antikythera shipwreck”.
  • Guardian: Is Kythira the perfect Greek island? (news)  |   Andrew Bostock has spent much of his life living in and writing guidebooks on Greece but in Kythira – with its gorges, waterfalls and perfect beaches – he’s finally found the idyll he has always dreamed of.
  • Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to Visit Kythera and Antikythera (news)  |   On Sunday, October 5, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will visit the area of the famous Antikythera shipwreck. The trip comes as a group of Greek, American and Swiss researchers map the the ancient shipwreck’s immediate environs. The international team, which has already started geophysical searches using metal detectors, aims to complete its survey by October 15.
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  • According to Hesiod’s myth Aphrodite was born in the sea of Kythera
  • "Un mondo fa un mondo, e il Cerigo un altro mondo". All the world is a world and Kythera is another world. venetian proverb